Gas invisible when it isn't right in front of you or you are inside it. Please give me a nice UI indicator that shows I am in gas

Makes gas rats even more brutal on Legend. Fatshark, if you can’t figure out how to fix something, it is ok to disable it from the game. I remember there being problems with this from V1 too.

It is really bad on Empire in Flames I think because the gas doesn’t interact well with the fog.

Sometimes I just can’t see the gas then when I get right in front of its edge the green smoke appears. and If I am inside a cloud I can’t even tell I’m in it until I am already taking a lot of dmg and wondering why.

it’s really bad when you’re sitting in the giant cauldron in the second lvl of the first act. :frowning:

Yep, that has happened to me a few times.

i wonder what caused this? it used to not be an issue but i definitely have the same problem now, just haven’t made or seen a post about it.

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