Gargant Level

I think a level/mission that we have to stop/slow a few Mega-Gargants would be fun. Thats my feedback. On a big wall fighting rats and chaos at gargants and mega-gargant march towards it and we gotta shoot big weapons at them till like…idk a dragon or something comes. I think it would be rad.
thank you

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So I first though it you were talking about 40k


Then i remembered that AoS does also have Mega Garagant

But Fantasy doesn’t really have them, there are Giant but they are smaller than them iirc but they are still taller than Giant

(Total War Warhammer 2 for comparison)

Here we can see Orks (Stone)Troll, Squig Bomb and Giant with some Skaven Ratogre and a Hellpit Abomination

In term of size a Hell Pit is more likely (As they are unique) or different type of Ratogre/Troll

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I just have to clarify that there has always been towering Bonegrinder Giant in the Old World.

A very rare species, only a few exemplars were known.

To opposite in my favorite Age of Sigmar, ordinary gargants (a legal orkish word for everything giant) live in large tribes. And after the death of their progenitor, a massive growth of individuals began to incredible sizes. However, Bonegrinder (mega-) Gargant was already in the Mortal Realms before this event.

In any case, these are all good ideas, but clearly not for V2. Naturally, in V3 - whatever it may be - we need more types of enemies and more interesting actions.