Dwarves in Darktide

I just saw this and it made me incredibly happy! :slight_smile: Dwarves are the reason why I like Warhammer and also Vermintide (1 and 2). Is there any chance the dwarf would be a playable character in Darktide? If so, I’ll definitely buy the game!

They are Squats!

There is no need to come up with silly comedy name for them

Don’t be Preposterous

so GW, just revived the squats (40k dwarfs) and released a trailer teasing their comeback.

we never saw the 5 character of darktide cast exept on a splash, where the height was left ambigious,
so there is the potential.

i personally think its unlikely, considering we already have an ogryn who will be bigger (higher camera) as your average gaurdsmen having somone smaller at the same time might be confusing to players playing either of them.

Astra Pumilius xD

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Not April Fools?

Speaking of which, Bardin’s songbook or riot!

No. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I want to see a dwarf class for this game as well.

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