Gardens of Morr chain event is bad

The chain event for this map is so terrible because the green goop slows you tremendously, drains your stamina, makes it so you can’t jump more than an inch, and deals damage. It even hits you when you jump over it, causing you to fall in it. The goop seems worse than the old convection of decay goop.


IF you go anti-clockwise around the chains, you can virtually avoid the goop completely.

The damage from the goop is buffed in VT2, but it’s still negligible if you don’t splash around in it like a Clownfish.


I have also noticed that Waves only seem to spawn when a chain is destroyed in V2. So just fight of the wave, take your time and get to the next chain.

(Might be a bug for all I know, and may have been because I’ve had it done so slowly they didn’t respawn in time. But it seems that way.)

Well considering there is a challenge for cutting down all the chains within 5 seconds of each other is one of okri’s challenges, I don’t think this is a bug. To me, this is the most intuitive way of doing the event, like screaming bell, but it’s certainly not the most efficient, and I’ve learned it gets the team killed more often than not. The goop seems pretty unavoidable in certain parts of the path required to get around the whole room, like near the ladder on the left and the broken coffin on the right, which can screw you over given certain circumstances.

So… don’t fall in it? Not sure what you mean about the jumping bit, I’ve jumped over it many times without taking damage. It’s quite possible to do the event without getting in the goop, or only getting a little bit.

For me it’s not getting got by the goop that annoys me, it’s that that most of the time when the goop gets you, it feels like it shouldn’t have. I mean, you see those planks in the middle in the shape of the skaven banner. You see that they’re clearly above the surface level of the goop, but when you walk on them the goop gets you anyway. Same deal with the coffins. You basically have to land right up on the highest part of them even though the top surface is almost entirely exposed.

You plan out a nice fluid jump path to get from A to B and the game’s like “nope, you didn’t touch it but you got really close, so I’m gonna act like you you touched it and destroy your flow”.


I agree, it is rather silly that they clearly mapped out an obstacle that should be able to be traversed skillfully, yet no matter how skillful you are is impossible to safely navigate. You really hit the nail on the head with this post.

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Working as intended.
Except maybe a few “punishing” areas covering planks or stone acting like you have slime up to your knees. But if you get used the area you know where to jump.

What irritates me about the new Garden of Morr event is even when you jump on top of one of the stone pillars, you end up getting hit by the poison pool anyways and falling into it. Once you’re in it on Legend, it’s game over. You’re dead.

I’m glad it does do damage because I always thought it was weird in V1 when it didn’t but it’s really hard to get out of it even if you jump on the pillars. I think if you successfully jump on them that you shouldn’t take damage or get knocked into it.

Going counter clockwise is better but I’m just so used to going clockwise, because in V1, that was the fastest route.

Shouldn’t have to “know” which spots aren’t broken I believe is the point.


Hey, you know what totally screws the team’s chances for success?
When everybody ignores heals/pots, fight alone and/or decide to split four ways and solo chains.
Green goo’s just the cherry on top.
I really like the way they’ve revamped ALL the DLC events - they are challenging, they force you to teamplay, they penalize idiot behavior.
Do not change a thing (about events). Fix melee combat instead.

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Your comment has absolutely nothing to do with the problem posed. The topic is about this event’s green goo’s effects and how it hits players when it shouldn’t. E.G. jumping properly from platform to platform and it hits you while you’re in the air and drags you down, then you can’t jump up out of it at spots because it almost takes away jump height.

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I assume most of the issues in this area are already acknowledged by now.

I’ll just recommend starting with the chain on the left side and going clockwise from there.
Never had an issue doing it this way.

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