Stuck spot on Gardens of Morr

So I was just doing a Gardens of Morr run to get some of the challenges done while playing as Bardin, and I was almost finished with the level. When I reached the end part with the massive poison pit, I hopped down and broke the lower chain on the left side. From there I attempted to jump onto the Wooden Skaven icon/Triangle platform, but I screwed up (some how), and landed in the center of it. I attempted to get out but It was impossible and I died. It really sucks because I had completed all the challenges on the map (but the chain breaking ones) and collected all the tomes and grimores, meaning I lost all that exp and loot.

If you accept help for completing the chain event challenge (or any other that needs players), just send me a personal message, i’ll bet we can work smth out. We would need 2 more players, of course, it’s only 5 seconds.
Stuck spot right there is not fun, though.

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