Shade stuck in map in center of garden moor end event

Was dual dagger shade in center of triangle boards in acid during chain breaking end event and stepped in center, was unable to jump out, couldn’t clear the boards and died of acid. Tried to get as much distance to jump out but couldn’t.

Had full inventory no tome or grim, was full health
Using hagbane as secondary weap. Talents 112323 . Dont have screenshots.

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Yeah, this stuck spot has already been reported and acknowledged. 4 times, to be specific.

Could really need a fix, or a clarification. Maybe a warning by the heroes to net step into the pox pool, especially not the middle? might be more cost efficient to just ifx it though.^^ Would be a bit of a stretch to wait until the old maps get their look-over.

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This has FINALLY been resolved internally, hopefully to be included in the next patch!


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