Garden of Morr stuck in acid pool

Issue Summary:
For the Garden of Morr remake

The green acid pools in the chamber you have to break the chains in just acted as a floor in the first game, but now it causes a ticking acid damage when you step in it but it stuns you rapidly enough you can’t jump high enough to get out of the pool.

Particularly in the center of the room I got shoved into the skaven standard in the middle of the room where the three boards are and got trapped there

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Get pushed into the middle of the pool
  2. Try to jump out but fail
  3. Take acid damage till you die

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):

Constant (100%)

In most cases you can get out of the acid, but there might be a trick to getting out of the center. Never been into the center myself. I’ll give it a whirl and see if I can replicate it. If you feel like doing a dive on it yourself, boot the level up in recruit and run it again and jump right back in but take your time and try every possible escape route on the way out.

Do you not take acid damage in VT1? I might be crazy but I was nearly 100% sure you did… otherwise they would’ve never put it all of the sarcophagi all over the room.

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