Gamepass Heresy+

Hi all,

All the issues aside I’ve been hooked and having fun. All chars to 30 and now looking to up the difficulty. After writing this I guess the TL:DR amounts to whether discord groups are right for me and my only choice.

I’ve been trying on and off to get a Heresy+ game for a few weeks now, popping on and trying quick match or waiting in game for a bit then switching to leveling a character if finding none. Only managed a couple with one other person, hectic but an absolute blast. Even won one with just 2 of us!

I’m playing peak times, but in oceana.

Is the game finder region locked and this is maybe the issue? Are EU or NA folks having the same trouble? Will I have lag issues playing with others across the globe? (I’ve started getting bad input lag even with bots recently)

At the point now I want to play but running but of things to do. Im not fussed about progression much, by this I mean I’m just wanting a game with a challenge and some craic, helping folk with penances if they want etc. (This isn’t to trigger a pile on, just where I’m at)

I have young kids sleeping when I play so voice is out, will that be an issue if I try the discord for a group? I don’t really use discord and thought it more for ‘serious’ gamers, I just play for fun, and thought voice is required? I maybe need to drop one in 15 games or so for crying bubs too which is better with an understanding friend group rather than pug at a high difficulty. This may still be my only option until crossplay though?

Should I just wait at the start of a game longer for people to join, will that work? Feel like I need 3+ non bots at my current level to manage Heresy.

Same situation, Oceana game pass is pretty dead. Outside of peak times it is now hard to even get a malice quickplay group. Your best bet is to add some good players to your friends list (hit esc while in mission and add them, you don’t always land in the same mourningstar and the recently played with doesn’t work), and then group up with them when you see them online again.

Cheers, I’ve been doing that as well but seems many of them have moved on bar a couple who are still leveling characters. Hard to recall who is who between character names , live handle and my exisiting friends but know pretty much anyone in darktide is someone I added who was good craic (even if not always great at the game!).

I noticed Malice had dropped from instant 4 group to 2 to 3 often but less of an issue there as it’s easily soloable with bots, just less fun. High intensity or grims can make it edgy though.

A few times now when I’ve been up the middle of the night with a sick bub I’ve actually been the only one in the morningstar so assumed it was a population / regional server split issue. Just fishing to see how others have been managing / best way to get games.

Wasn’t the aim of the post, but feel free to FR me. Same xbox live handle as my username here.

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After you have the skill and the good rng gear to do damnation, even heresy isn’t good enough anymore. It’s a blast to play damnation and see just how much you can do with the throttle to the max.
That being said you need to get lucky with gear. Which is the most annoying part really.

I’ve wondered if I would be ready for it, I queue damnation when I try heresy too. Just never got a game. Haven’t played heresy enough in any sized group to know my level there really either, but the few I got with 2 for us were more edge of seat than Malice, that never has danger. Good fun, feel im missing out!

I invite randoms in the morningstar into my squad, the matchmaker is broken in my experience, and my server region doesn’t have enough players for damnation anyways.
if 3 level 30s agree to do it, it’s good enough to try.

It seems that FS work on the crossplatform… but I would not bet on it.
I was on gamepass, and I ve bought it on steam cause of this.

Matchmaker is royally screwed up (Yet another issue) and seems to favor making new matches over putting people together for whatever reason, which becomes particularly noticeable on damnation where there’s less people (And heresy to a lesser extent). It seems if you start a queue and immediately cancel then requeue it increases the odds of putting you with other people but it’s not a guarantee. At least on the Steam version, though I see no reason it wouldn’t be similar on Gamepass. From what I’ve seen though, Gamepass has a lot less players on the whole.

Yep, same on gamepass. Works for Malice but I think there are simple zero heresy games. Have started Heresy games, low intensity, to tempt folk, and waiting 10 min with no one joining what i assume was the only Heresy game in the region.

My theory on quickmatch, looks for 3/4 first then 2/4, 1/4 etc…Most I get into instantly have more than 1 player but after the start and stop trick - just 1 normally

I spent two whole DAYS queueing quickplay heresy, game pass OCE. Found ONE single real player in that time. After that, i simply gave up.

In the EU if you are alone, and hoping to play few quick Damnation games, it can be hit and miss. You might be forced to start with bots and wait until 1-2 others connect to your existing game. This is based on the Steam experience. No idea about player numbers on Gamepass.

Your region is always problematic for multiplayer games. I would add few players from your region to your friend list, so you can get some potential regular game buddies.