This is actually hilarious. The game has the same problems as Vermintide 2. NOTHING has been done to change them.

Let’s see…

  • Audioless enemies if a player does not have them in their field of view. Where does this idea of not being able to hear behind you come from?
  • Just like in Vermintide 2, getting your block broken somehow interrupts your dodge. Here it is made worse thanks to dodging preventing stamina regeneration. Why would my block breaking prevent me from using my legs and dodging out of the way? If you can’t block, you dodge. If you can’t dodge, you block.
  • The hound has a spawn sound. The mutant has a spawn sound. Bosses have a spawn sound. Flamer has a spawn sound. Even the burster has a spawn sound and it keeps making a sound depending on how close it is to you. Then why in the everloving hel does the trapper not have a spawn sound? It just appears next to you, spawning from thin air like a Hookrat and proceeds to capture you EVEN if you are mid-dodge. If the problem is latency, then an avoidance method not relying on latency should be implemented.
  • Every enemy, no matter the gun they use, can push you with their shots on full toughness basically stunlocking you, preventing proper repositioning. Why doesn’t my gunshots significantly push the enemes too?
  • Enemy flamer causes direct AND area damage by leaving flames on the ground. Why doesn’t the flamer that the player can use do that?
  • Sure… pretty much every attack goes through toughness and effects health. That makes toughness worse than temporary health. It especially makes “Until Death” pointless if you are not running “Holy Revenant” as a simple touch from a poxwalker will kill you no matter how full your toughness is.

Sure, you “fix” the combat knife so it doesn’t have 100 dodges anymore - which could be used to somewhat negate these bugs - in a priority patch but do nothing to the other problems… Is this inconsistency just incompetence… or is it artificial?

Do the “winrates” look a bit too high for you?


And of course you won’t acknowledge any of this.

Perhaps it’s the tabloid-like clickbait subject that’s discouraging people from looking at the list.

I just want to say that I am OK with trapper not having a distinct sound because they are already noticeable in the dark. I just wish all ragers were more visible in the dark because out of all specials, they end up taking most of my health. They just appear with the horde and if you are fighting in melee in a darker part of the map, you just can’t see them until they are already stun-locking you and it takes them like a second to destroy your stamina.

Uhm, the trapper has a sound - it’s usually that female voice whispering about adding something to their collecting or whatever. Never had a real problem to spot them that way. But I also have a pretty decent headset, so maybe audio clarity is an issue depending on what your setup looks like.

But yeah, all the stuff that just ignores toughness is…a problem. For sure.

Nobody thinks you’re a god gamer just because you put up with broken/unbalanced/buggy/rigged mechanics. If the trapper has a sound it doesn’t play 50% of the time. Characters yell “SNIPER” before it’s even visible but yell “TRAPPER” only when the net has already launched. If they can make characters notice the sniper that early they can make them notice the trapper as early. There is no “technical limitations”.

What is with people defending these poorly disguised quick-time events? I thought everyone hated quick-time events, especially “succeed or DIE” ones. What year is it, 2007? It’s a pathetic attempt at trying to force a meta (tEaMpLaY).

Ragers are so MUCH easier to spot and won’t take controls away allowing players to atleast fight back. They are fine the way they are.