Game won't launch - black screen or stuttering audio on intro

I was having issues earlier today with joining games. When I would host or attempt to join a game, the loading screen would come up, but would then go black and never join the game. I would have to ctrl/alt/del to get the game to close. After 4-5 attempts to join a game this way, the game would no longer launch properly at all.

Now when I attempt to launch the game, the into video doesn’t play properly and audio stutters. When I skip it, it delays for a long time before claiming its loading Taal’s keep. I’ve waited upwards of 10 minutes for the keep to load, and it never does. I have to close the game through task manager, end task. This creates a crash report, which is expected from manually ending the task.

I have had no issues playing since WoM released (the week before official release). No additional software or hardware changes have occurred.

So far I have:

  1. Repaired EAC
  2. Performed clean uninstall/reinstall of latest nvidia drivers
  3. Verified game file integrity through steam
  4. Verified that steam is fully up to date
  5. Multiple reboots of windows
  6. rebuilt my user_settings.config file
  7. attempted to launch the game in dx12

Windows 10 Pro, 64bit
AMD Ryzen 5 3600x
32gb ddr4
Nvidia Geforce 1660ti (431.60 drivers after update)

I have deleted the game and will be re-downloading it overnight to see if this has any impact.

Try the “Skip Intrp” Mod ~

Have you had any luck after reinstalling, @timdgsr?

I noticed on re-download that I was getting disk-write errors with my hard drive from steam.

This led me to start suspecting my 9year old ssd. I ran some tests and the read times on the drive were through the floor.

I re-downloaded the game again on another drive, and it’s working fine.

Seems to be totally hardware related.

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