Game unplayable due to rubberbanding

I just wanted to check whether there are other people experiencing extreme rubberbanding while the connection itself and other games work just fine.

At the beginning of a mission, everything seems fine. But as soon as there is a bit more going on, I experience rubberbanding every 15 seconds or so, with my character “sliding” in random directions, weapons not firing (especially noticable with psyker staves), hits not registering etc. It makes missions tedious on lower difficulties and unplayable on higher difficulties. However, while there are some entries on this forum and on reddit where people complain about the same issue, it doesn’t seem to be as widespread as I thought.

Is there anyone else experiencing this issue?


I did experience it two times so far in a couple hours of gameplay.
Its really weird, the enemies and even my teammates move normally but i just vibrate on the spot unable to do anything

I’m having the same issue at the moment. What’s weird is that in some runs I don’t get any issues, while in others it’s just a complete crapshoot.

I’ve also tried a lot of things like changing my Steam download region, resetting my router settings, checking for malware, even reinstalling the entire game, but so far to no avail.

Well I found a workaround of sorts: if you’ve got a laggy game then try alt-F4’ing out and reconnecting. That’s stopped the lag for me in two games so far, so it seems like there’s something buggy going on in the latest couple of patches.

I’ve never had it before but after patch 14 I’ve had the 5 second rubber band back to spawn at the beginning of a mission several times.

I also suffer from this issue, I work in IT and I have been trying everything but nothing resulted in better experiences. I don’t remember this from my first few games on the game but gotten worse over-time? Almost feels like packet loss or delayed packages or just a lot of desync going on.

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