Unplayable Lag for 4 months

Issue Description:
Ever since beta, any time there’s a horde, the enemies run in place and I teleport around until I disconnect.

Tried playing again today for the first time in over two months after seeing the patch notes said potential fix for players on IPv6-only networks, but the issue still exists. I’ve researched this problem multiple times and I’ve yet to find one person corroborating this IPv6 “issue” even exists, meanwhile other people with network problems are confirming they in fact don’t use IPv6, including me.

I paid $40 for a game and I still can’t play it 4 months later.

Attempted Solutions:
Using a VPN stopped this issue but this shouldn’t be necessary. It is cumbersome, most cost money, and may cost me privacy regardless what VPN services claim. Even so, there were still horrible input issues; though this might just be your terrible servers.


PC Specifications:
Specs are in the logs, why do you need this here?

Upload Console Log:
console-2023-03-24-09.31.50-e3d2805d-5112-4a0e-9ce3-14620f999e33.log (67.7 KB)

Upload darktide_launcher.log:

darktide_launcher.log (964.0 KB)

hey, i am not from FS, ive looked though the logs, observations:

  1. you are using ipv4, there is no ipv6 connection attempt made
  2. you are getting connected to us west 2 server, does that sound as remotely your geo location?
  3. you are getting lots of frame sync issues indeed
  4. normally in logs there should be section showing server latencies for all regions, its not visible in your logs.
  5. in your logs there is lua script crash instead before connecting to servers… wonder if thats somehow not related
  1. I’m aware I’m IPv4. I was just pointing out how they’ve stated IPv6 for bad connection issues but I haven’t seen anyone confirm this is actually an issue, while also kinda hoping the IPv6 solution inadvertently solved my issue.

  2. I’m central so a west coast connection is fine.

Thanks for taking a look though. More than they’ve done.

i think your logs are fron reconnect attempt to join back to existing game. that is why server pinging was not done to determine tonwhere to connect to.

could you please remove logs and start new game and see if you get connection issues and send logs again, maybe i will be able to find something that would help

darktide_launcher.log (23.9 KB)

console-2023-04-16-05.55.28-d1cfe18d-1ac5-410d-b751-abeb204cff2c.log (95.1 KB)

Sorry it took so long for me to reply. I don’t frequent these forums and it doesn’t send me emails when I get a response. You probably don’t need the darktide launcher log but included it just to be safe.

As soon as I joined a game, I lagged so insanely bad and was disconnected within 30 seconds. Usually, it takes a horde to do that lol.

thanks man.

it looks like you were connected to hub at us west 2 region (ping 30ish ms), but once you joined the game, you got connected to us west 1 (ping 140ish ms). why???

due to this lag you got desync few times and you were dropped. thats how i read the logs. i am not from FS, i just saw few of them to get around them.

i wonder if there is a bug on matchmaking not opening new sessions if other exist in similar region despite it has very bad lag

@FatsharkJulia your thoughts?

I reinstalled Windows and now I can’t get into my VPN (thinks my password is wrong and it won’t send verification codes to reset password or for new accounts). I don’t trust 99% of them as we all know your data isn’t really safe with them, not that I should need one anyway to play a game.

Can I at least get a refund or something? I literally can’t play if a horde spawns, which is a major component to the game. It lags to unplayable levels and then kicks me.

Game still unplayable. 6 months on the dot I’ve owned the game and I can’t play it. Do you not care because you have my money already? This is ridiculous.