Game still require a VPN to be played for lots of people apparently

I don’t have a report to post because I’ve already submitted so many that I’m tired and uninstalled the game.

It’s been two weeks and still the game is literally not playable unless someone use a VPN.

Is it going to be a refund or you gift us the equivalent of the cost of the vpn in steam credits or aquilas?

If you need a VPN then it’s an issue with your ISP blocking your access to their resources. They’re not responsible for that.

Have you checked with your country/ISP? You can confirm it with them and see why you can’t access the game.

@theCrius , it may be that you have an IPv6 network.

Apologies for the inconvenience in the mean time.

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The only game that has this issue but it’s my ISP.

Sure guys.

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If your ISP thinks Fatshark’s connection is sus, then yeah, that’s your ISP. There’s a chance they’re not meeting some compliance spec your ISP requires, which might be a thing.

But if you want to talk about “This is the only game”, what about everyone using major ISPs that don’t have this issue?

It’s honestly really absurd, stability is just fine for me but using a VPN actually makes the game’s online perform better. Far fewer phantom hits and a noticeably smoother experience in missions.

Then you ISP has some really crappy QoS / service priority applied to its customers.

What the hell are you talking about?
Why people need to speak out of their arse just because?

“My ISP think fatshark connection is sus”? What are you 12?

The game client is disconnecting. My connection is stable and continue to work without any issue. There is no packet loss, no jittering and certainly no disconnection. If my connection or ISP was the cause of that, I would register a full disconnection, not a selective one.

If I connect to a VPN in my own region, I still get disconnected so often. The only way to NOT get disconnected, is to use a VPN and connect to a different region (west or south europe). If nothing else, the issue seems to be with nodes in north europe for what I can see but, despite being an SRE, I cannot debug FS infrastructure for them and clearly they don’t care that some paying customer cannot use what they paid for because there are freaking COMPANIES white knights ready to defend them anyway. Un-freaking-beliavable.

The only bug report (that I can’t see anymore on these forum, conveniently) is about connections with ipv6 not being supported. My connection is on ipv4. So yeah, this is just another bs signed by Fatshark.

Never been on an ipv6 connection.

Try again.

First time meeting the FS defense force? They’re beyond gone in the head. And sadly the company never has cared and most likely won’t in the future. I’d recommend getting a refund and writing a review for other people from your region.

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