Game keeps dropping to 30 frames

I have an RTX 3080 Ti, and I always cap games to 60 FPS to save on resources because I can’t tell the difference between anything beyond around 50 FPS or higher, but it’s extremely noticeable when it drops below 40.

I’ve played games like Cyberpunk at ultra settings with RTX a steady 58-70 FPS using nVidia DLSS. This game doesn’t have raytracing, but on ultra settings I get this wierd framerate cap at exactly 30 FPS, no more, no less, and it happens almost as if it’s on a clock or timer.

I’ll be playing the game at the 60 FPS cap I set, and then suddenly it will freeze up for a split second and resume at 30FPS for about 20 seconds, then back to normal. It goes on and off like this every minute or two the entire game, alternating between 30 and 60 FPS caps.

I have been experiencing the same drop (as client at least, I haven’t hosted in a while). I have a Radeon RX6600

as far as i know V2 is a cpu intensive game, maybe check the workload of your cpu ingame

CPU is fine at about 67% max, the GPU is at 57%. It does seem to happen in the keep. I’ll have to host and see if it happens.

That is quite the drop. Do you have the Steam Overlay enabled?

Additionally, do you happen to notice this when a player connects to or leaves the lobby, or when using Push-to-Talk?

I do have the Steam Overlay enabled, and I’m not sure if it happens as players connect or leave, but I have seen it happen with no players while I’m not in a game in the keep. Push-to-talk doesn’t seem to cause it either.

Last four games I played, it wasn’t a huge issue, but I did have a few weird moments where the game completely lagged out and every enemy stalled, floated, and/or appeared elsewhere, while the chat filled with a few comments like “wow, he’s super laggy”, so I’m wondering if my ISP is having issues which I’ll have to check. I’m not sure if the framerate is tied to internet issues or host internet issues. I’ve been paying for a gigabit of fiber internet. Occasionally it drops down to 300-400 megabits, but that doesn’t seem like it would hugely affect Vermintide 2 since my network only gets taxed when I make tons of huge uploads or downloads. The last two games I did were smooth with no issues, maybe the issue is gone or just depends on certain hosts.

I have another monitor and I do alt-tab out and use the steam overlay at times, but it doesn’t drop below 59 frames when I do that.

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