Game Is Broke After Update

After the update there are so many features that are broken, that the weapon mods no longer matter. For example, Silent Monsters, Silent Specials, Bile Troll acid not showing, Globadier poison not showing, and no packmaster noise. I know it is not just me, because everyone I know and play with (which is a lot of people at the highest level of gameplay) experience the same issue. Not to mention things like Chaos Spawns clipping through hills and disappearing into the ground. I honestly feel that the game was better before the balance beta, because at least it ran solid despite having a weapon meta. Now, you can use a verity of weapons, but the specials are broken, and the gameplay is far less streamlined than before the update. I have said it before and I’ll say it again… DO NOT RUSH CONTENT! There is no rush in having a beta test, and running the actual game. In fact, Fat Shark was so expedient in this Beta that many people I knew did not want to even test play the Beta because it was so drastically different. Unless you are certain that updating the game will only benefit the user experience, and not take away from it due to new bugs, glitches, errors, etc., LEAVE IT ALONE.


All of those issues were around before the patch, and even if the patch did break a couple of things it’s still way, way better than it was when every game was a competition between the rangespammers to see who was the best at making sure no one else could play.

Ranging wasn’t really an issue before the update. A lot of people complained about it on here, but I honestly don’t notice much of a difference even after the BBB (except for temp hp which is a whole different topic). Sure, weapons are better, but what was already an issue became much more frequent. I would rather have relatively streamlined game-play than a few melee work better at the end of the day. Also, I have never seen chaos spawns clip through the floor before the update, and this has happened two times to me so far in a weeks span. I can’t really say the game is better at this point, just different.

You have never seen that before? I find that hard to believe.


Not in 400 hours of Vermintide 2.

I’ve seen bosses clip through the floor, come through walls, get stuck out of bounds, and spawn right in front of me(Or suddenly disappear, of course). Also Storm Fiends standing on a roof and firing through it. None of that since the last patch, though. So by the metric presented here, the game seems to be drastically better now. Ignoring a notable increase in disconnects for the moment.

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I haven’t noticed any of these issues either… The only thing that’s bothered me about the update is the horde mobs spawns. They seem to randomly spawn 1 or 2 rats behind your back all the time. I’ve actually turned around and watched 2 phase into existence right before my eyes.

We are speaking anecdotally here, so we have one person that says it is far worse, and one saying that it is better in their own experience. I wouldn’t say that is any metric to measure by. I appreciate the input, and it is interesting to hear that you have had these issues before. I asked my irl friend that I usually play with if he had any of these issues before the update, and he said no. He has over 900 hours in the game. In terms of random rats spawning into existence, I have had that both before and after the update, and am pretty sure it is intentional though I am not a fan at all.

Haven’t we already agreed on the point that updates can break random things that differ from system to system?

Yes, just adding my experience. I still can’t run the game in DX12 and get around 24FPS during hordes… so yea…

I am relatively new to this forum ( a couple of months) and am ignorant of the community consensus on particular issues. It is interesting to hear that it varies from system to system, thanks.

It’s not really something everybody agrees on but it’s still something that happens.


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