Game HAMMERS HDD if your moving/rotating camera

My performance in this game is ABSOLUTELY horrible! Ive been trying to find ways to improve it myself by looking into what the game is doing when its running and I noticed this.

This graph is from me in the hub. Ive started the game about 10 minutes ago and only been in the hub

After starting the game just idling in the HUB its memory usage will slowly climb to about 10gb (I have 16gb). Its CPU will stay at a crazy high 50+% even when nothing is happening but the real oddity is the disk access

Whenever I move around or rotate the camera, the game SLAMS my SSD reading over 80mb/s off the disk and stops the second I stop moving/rotating. It happens every time regardless of what is on screen

I think the game is loading seperate meshes on demand.
I tested this in the hub and you’re right, if you run around after loading it this happens.
But if you went everywhere once and continue running around it should stop.
That’s what happened on my system.

I guess it’s streaming in LOD meshes and stuff while you’re moving around.
There’s a settings_common.ini in

steamapps\common\Warhammer 40,000 DARKTIDE\bundle\application_settings

where you can change various settings for resource streaming.
You can switch off the mesh streamer entirely.
But I don’t know if changing that file actually has any effect.