Game freezes when starting Chaos wastes

on two different occasions, the game froze minutes after starting a Chaos Wastes run. But not only the game, my whole computer froze, the only option remaining was turning of the power.

I will try to get the console logs from the host as well, but for now i will simply add my logs.

console-2021-05-14-17.04.26-7555e7e5-47ee-4cdf-bca5-fafcefc937ca.log (421.5 KB)

I had no Problems with the game so far, and performance never was an issue.

Between these two “freezes” i had a run with friends that went smooth (Except that we died in the end, but that is not a bug, that’s bad skill)

I had some mods on when the “freezes” occured, so i will try to deactivate them and retry.

PS: My friends and myself love the game very much, please find this issue :slight_smile:

I’m bored and checked the log, it ends mid line which seems odd from looking into my own crash issues.
I’d check windows event log, as the game doesn’t appear to be have been doing anything weird that I can tell.

Got my Hands on the hosts log file too.
console-2021-05-14-17.04.26-b07dff6c-11e9-41f6-944f-88f56ffbea32.log (417.7 KB)

At the time where the log file ends, I can not find any Windows event logs.

I can see the ‘Crosshair Kill Confirmation’ is causing problems in your second log, but that wouldn’t explain your PC losing responsiveness!

There could be something else at play - overheating, etc. I’d recommend having a look at: [PC] How to Resolve PC Crashes, Loss of Responsiveness or Blue Screens (BSOD) – Fatshark

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