Game freezes randomly on launch, cant exit

So I’ll start the game up, launches perfectly fine, launch it again later, say 8 hours or so, bam, locks up on start and I can’t do a single thing apart from hard resetting my pc. Tried it in windowed mode, worked, then tried it again, locked up, and even then couldnt click anything. No idea what to do.

Admittedly we’re not sure what could be causing your PC to lose responsiveness like this. Perhaps have a look in the Windows Event Viewer (under ‘Windows Logs’ > 'System) to see if there’s any useful errors there.

Nothing in event log shows any errors besides PC shutting down unexpectedly because of hard reset, its really odd, if I have task manager open and stuck on top, quitting and restarting the game, it launches normally so far apart from one time everything froze.

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