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Ever since the last update my frames in every match has been horrible to the point where i cant even play. Almost every horde i go down because it drops my frames so much. FIX THIS

Check if raytracing is on. Game sometimes turns it on after an update. No idea why.

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What is raytracing?

It’s some lighting shenanigans that absolutely tank your performance unless you’re using top of the line hardware. I actually had the problem that nCmixam said, the game randomly turned on raytracing without me realizing it and I went from averaging ~90 frames at 1440p all the way to having to turn it down to 1080p and enabling DLSS and I still couldn’t get consistent 60 frames. Eventually realized I had raytracing on and turned it off, problem solved.

How do you turn it off?

You go into your graphics settings and turn it off.

Is that on pc? Im on xbox

… there’s no way FS would enable raytracing by default on consoles… right?

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Does Xbox even have graphics settings? If the answer is no, then I don’t know why you were asking us how to change graphics settings in the first place.

I might be talking out of my rears end here, since I haven’t owned a console since the XBOX 360 days, but I don’t think Darktide is going to run well on a console when it barely runs stable on modern mid-range PC specs.

Admiteddly, I play on a RTX 2060, I5-9400f, 16 Gb ram and a SSD, so I am nowhere close to the top of performance in any shape or form, but to me (on a hunch) it feels like Darktide was reverse console-pc ported bastardized to get it to run on XBOX.

Anyone remember the Jedi Survivor fiasco on PC?

This to me feels like the exact same thing just reversed for once.

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