Performance issue p

Greetings Dear Fatshark Team,

I have account on steam and i’m playing there and i have no issues on PC with my GTX 1660, balanced settings, solid 60 FPS, everything is working great (For My Video Card Settings) but i have a question regarding Xbox Series S performance , i am playing on Xbox Series S on 4K TV (i know that series s upscales games to 4K with 2K resolution), and i have a question if we were informed by you that Darktide works on 60 FPS up to 2k resolution will it work at 60 FPS on 4K TV on Series S, and also i want to say that i’ve played this game on on the mentioned console and it feels like its 30 FPS and i even watched performance videos on Youtube that say that it works on 30 FPS on Series S, so can you clarify how it works on my Xbox Series S.

Thanks in advance.

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