Game feedback - Why is the item text so small!

I’m playing the Beta on Xbox on a 49inch 4k tv, and I have to move closer to my tv post match to read all the item descriptions. Why are they in such small font?

Second thing, why are the post-game loot box animations so ridiculously tedious? Just give us the loot and let us carry on playing, I’m here to play the game not sit and watch animations. I don’t want to run to the centre of the room to collect the box, click open, wait for the animation, then hover over and click each of the 3 symbols to unlock each piece of loot. I have to suffer this boredom after every level I play for no apparent reason?

Third, if the host disconnects why can’t you either swap out the host or as a minimum treat it as if we had lost and give us the experience points? The host leaving mid-game ends with me 20 minutes worse off with nothing to show for playing the game.


Welcome to the club.


i second that , add option to skip animation for opening crates and significantly speed up the tedious xp sequence at the end of each match…its a huge waste of time. Speeding up the Salvage Screen in Crafting was a step in the right direction.

And agreed even on 1440 p on a 32" high dpi professional display barely 1 foot from my face the fonts on descriptions are hard to read for folks like me who wear glasses ^^

I’m pretty sure you can just click ESC when you open the box, you don’t actually have to look at what you’ve got. For console, not sure. Also, you don’t have to run to middle of the room or to the armory, etc, you can access everything by simply pressing the “i” button in the keep. Again, not sure if they have a similar shortcut for consoles.

Press “I”-> Chest of spoils -> open

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