Text size for Xbox One

Hey Team,

Enjoying the beta but just one suggestion so far. Increased text size. Playing from about 8 feet away from a 55" screen and I have to lean in to be able to read text in a lot of places. I’m wondering if the text sizes were directly ported from PC where players are sitting close to the screen.

Thanks a ton gang and looking forward to the full release!


Yeah, we know. The menus aren’t fully done yet and there are a few places where the text is just way too small to read. We’re on it though :slight_smile:


Very much appreciated Patrik and thanks for the response :slight_smile: Have yourself a great weekend!

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Entirely uncalled for…

Keep up the good work Patrik (and co). Ignore salty fellas like this guy here. ;D

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Antointedone is now on time out, worry not. Their perpetually negative posting with out an ounce of being constructive is of help to no one and hasn’t gone unnoticed.


Thank you! I was just wondering myself as to how to get someone timed out for that exact thing… :smiley:

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That’s great. Lot of other PC ports never fix it.

Well jeez, us Console people seem to know how to stir up some trouble now don’t we!

Thanks FS_Hedge. Very much appreciated :slight_smile:

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