Two simple but huge things for xbox

Please, please add these options;

  • Adjust screen size/fit: This was an essential feature in the original game. Many players I know had issues with the edges of the screen being hidden, with it even making some unable to see their items or health. This can be game breaking, and the problem is still present but the option to fix it seems to have been removed.
  • Adjust/toggle look acceleration: This should have been in the first game. Sure, maybe some players prefer their turn speed to start slow then speed up, but plenty do not, particularly those who play multiple games. It can make it incredibly difficult to function and affects the feel of the game, which will obviously affect how happy people are with it.

First of all, thank you very much for adding the ability to turn off look acceleration.

Second, could we please get some clarification on whether we will be able to adjust screen fit before release? Im missing part of my screen but will deal with it, but another member of my group can’t even see her health, which makes the game essentially unplayable. I’d like to have all my old gaming circle get it on release and just having this one (pretty big) thing confirmed will get a few more of them to purchase the game.

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