Add UI scaling on Xbox One.

So playing the game there is no way to scale the screen to fit. Some things appear off screen, the top and bottom are cut.

The game is currently in an unplayable state on Xbox One because of this.

Rewards for Quests can’t be seen either as they go to the right of the screen

Yes PLEASE I was super excited to try this game and turns out I cant even play it cause I cant see my HUD. And I swear to whatever god you choose if someone tells me to “mess with my TV aspect and that will fix it” I’m going to hunt you down and do violent things, I just spent 15 minutes going through every single setting on my TV, none of it does anything.

If you can find the xbox equivalent of: (PC)
Path: C:\Users[user]\AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2

I should be able to fit and scale your hud.

I never used a console and I have no idea if you can browse their files.

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some screenshots of your hud going off screen as well as screenshots of all your available video & interface (gameplay) options would be great as well.

You cannot browse files on console games. They must be fixed by the devs.

I have no issue with the HUD scalin, but the UI for chests is bad. When in the quest menus the chest info gets cut off on the right side of the screen. Seems like forcing it to show in the left would fix this. And when you are in the chest opening section, you can’t highlight chests to see a tooltip on their level.

I’d love to see tweaks made here to make the chest process more console friendly.


I had the same problem with me. Tried using the remote to adjust the aspect ratio but that didn’t work. I have an Insignia smart TV and instead of changing the aspect ratio I changed the picture mode to Game. That fixed the screen for me. Try it out.

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