[PS4] UI Menu Being Cut Off

So the UI is partially cut off at the top and bottom of the menus you use to pick talents, change gear, etc. Using the HUD size slider in options doesn’t affect these menus. I have seen similar mistakes in other games.

Anyway a fix would be appreciated.

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The PS4s “Display Area Setting” (it’s in the PS4s settings under “Sound and Display”) doesn’t seem to funtion with VT2, this could be why the UI is cut off around the edges of the screen.

Either enable the Display Area Setting or let the menus scale with the HUD scaler, or better yet create a new scale slider specifically for the menus.

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So is anyone going to acknowledged this bug or is this issue just going to be ignored? It’s been close to a week since i posted this thread and still no reply from mods, devs or other. It’d be nice to see the pieces of the menu that are cut off.

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