DETAILED UI - patch 4.6

Good morning.

I am disappointed not to find in the new update the possibility that PC players have to see the score of my life and other players as well as the numerical counter of the remaining ammo of my teammates. Wasn’t it possible to add that part of MOD also to those who play on consoles (XBOX)?

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Yeah my group of friends on PlayStation were expecting to receive the same UI that PC has but seems like that isn’t the case.

A tad bit disappointed honestly.

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Hey there. These features weren’t integrated due to an unfortunate oversight on our end. We’re on the case to getting them integrated in a future patch.

Appreciate your patience!


Thanks for the response Aqshy! This mean we will eventually get the same UI that PC has like numeric values and the Ult being a bar above the health bar?

Too bad because as console users we also have to wait for certification. It would be appreciable if, like for PC gamers, you did a patch soon to integrate these features. I decided to also buy the new skins to support you I would like to be treated as a PC user.

Good job.

I’m on the case to asking both of these questions now. :slight_smile:

Hello, so I have a mixture of news, but feel it better to be transparent and communicate with you all.

  • We will be adding No Wobble in a future patch, but it’ll be a couple months out with another update due to how we’re sourcing resources at the present time.
  • Detailed/numeric UI was omitted because we felt it was unreadable on large screens, however, we’re working on how to best integrate it for console players, and are also aiming to get it in with the update No Wobble will come in with if we can come to a solution that works on larger screen sizes.

Good evening Aqshy.

I don’t think there is a problem with the font size of numbers representing life (Detailed / Numeric UI) on TV.
Let’s consider that the base game already indicates the player’s remaining ammunition quantity at the bottom right. I really believe that the font size is much larger than the life value.

Sorry to have to wait another two months or more for an addition that we finally believed was available.

Knowing how much life you have (with a number and not a green and white bar) should be obvious as in all games the value of life is a very important parameter.

We look forward to it.