Missing Console Features

As a console player I am enjoying the new update that released and reworked SotT, but I couldn’t help but notice the lack of some of the quality of life features the pc recently got with their update. More specifically the camera movement when swinging weapons option and was wondering if this would be coming in a later patch or something console was going to be excluded from.

They ran Into issues regarding that and the numeric UI, Aqshy Said they are going to try to get it in the next update in a few months

Here are the exact words:

  • We will be adding No Wobble in a future patch, but it’ll be a couple months out with another update due to how we’re sourcing resources at the present time.
  • Detailed/numeric UI was omitted because we felt it was unreadable on large screens, however, we’re working on how to best integrate it for console players, and are also aiming to get it in with the update No Wobble will come in with if we can come to a solution that works on larger screen sizes.
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