Game downgrading to an older version of the launcher

Hello all,
I have an issue, well it’s my friend, it’s been going on for weeks now, for some reason the launcher reverts to an older version of the launcher after a few days of play. He has to uninstall the game and re downloaded it to get the right launcher to show up. Then after a few days it reverts back to the launcher that says Welcome to Patch with the Mino. Does any one know the reason for this. We tried to look online for a possible fix but we found nothing.

I know it’s weird that I am posting for my friend, but please understand that he is very upset, he has 1000+ hours in the game and has uninstalled the game out of frustration.

thanks for your help.

This is very odd. Has he tried to ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files’ instead of reistalling?:

Additionally, which Anti-Virus/Firewall is he using?

Hello Julia,
Thank you for the reply.
Sorry I did not reply sooner, got busy with life.
He has Verified the integrity of the games files before every fresh reinstall. After Steam has verified the integrity, it downloads what it needs and prompts a message that it was successful. My friend starts the game and the wrong launcher shows up again. Then he has to uninstall and reinstall.
I will get the answer from my friend tonight for the anti-virus/firewall.

Just spoke with my friend
he has malwarebytes.
He also told me that he whitelisted it as well.

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