Game Crashing after pressing start on launcher

Issue Description:
Whnever i press start on the launcher on steam it just crashes

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GUID: 06d81f04-10e0-4e35-8c37-602967154367
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console-2023-10-06-20.37.24-06d81f04-10e0-4e35-8c37-602967154367.log (16.9 KB)

Yeah there are a few threads here on the same story. I’ve got no mods and just tried to boot it up since yesterday; completely bricked. Starts the game, then crashes.

Done everything I can on my end so safe to say it’s game-side.

fixed it (I commented on my thread as well)

open RUN by pressing windows key + R
type in %appdata%
navigate to fatshark and open the folder
delete darktide folder completely
launch game
it should pop up and tell you that you meet minimum requirements (see photo attached)
I expected the same crash as usual but it worked fine

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This is a known issue and will be patched soon. Sorry about this!

This worked for me too!! Thanks so much for posting the fix!! I’m not seeing your solution posted on other people’s tickets, but I bet they’d like to know to try this too.