Game Crashes When Hitting "Restart Now" When Changing Graphic Settings + VT2 Doesn't Recognize My Hardware

Issue #1

If I change my graphic settings and the game requests a restart to implement them; the game will crash if I hit “restart now” instead of “Quit” and closing the game manually.

Issue #2

When starting up the game for the first time or resetting/reinstalling the game, the settings launcher will tell me it cannot recognize my PC’s hardware and automatically set everything to “low.”

I’m on an i9-9900k with an RTX 2080 Super.

Can provide a console log when I experience my next crash. Not given any message or ID number in the crash reporter box.

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the logs would be handy for sure. :slight_smile: Console and DMPs if you have them.

Sure thing.

Here’s some relevant info (please note; I just changed settings to “low” just to get the crash to happen this session, but it happens on any big video setting change that requires a game restart):

GUID: 901b7acd-3dae-4f20-be92-e426563d0577
Log File:
Info Type:
[Crash Link]:

crash_dump-2019-12-06-14.28.27-0398faa3-915d-4ad3-be48-e64108054453.dmp (657.0 KB)

console-2019-12-06-14.28.27-0398faa3-915d-4ad3-be48-e64108054453.log (270.0 KB)

Got it - I’ve passed this on to development!

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Do you have same issue when running without mods?

Yes. I’ve had this problem with and without mods, but give me a couple hours and I will see if anything has changed and send a new log. :slight_smile:

Just checked, game does not crash with all mods disabled.

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