Cannot play the game, crahses after about 1 min into a map / keep

I’m sorry to bother, but google search did not produce a result for this specific error code.
I basically just bought a new PC which should easily run V2 on Ultra, but the game keeps crashing about 10 sec to 1 min into each and every location.
My GPU driver is the latest one, I made sure of that. Also disabled all the mods.
Really sad, V2 is part of why i upgraded the PC :frowning:

2 examples

GUID: 3a1e8f0b-5178-4cb1-9394-7e8c11925911Log File:Info Type:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[Crash Link]:crashify://3a1e8f0b-5178-4cb1-9394-7e8c11925911

GUID: 3c75a209-3659-4e5a-a5e2-afbf5ebe1add
Log File:
Info Type:

Unfortunately your GPU appears to be crashing. Could you try switching to DirectX 11 within the launcher’s ‘Settings’ menu, and see if there’s any improvement?

Switching to DirectX11 has helped, no more crashes since.

Any chance you can tell me more about the cause? I’ve got a brand new system and this really irks me :confused: - I might still be able to refund / request a substitution.

Anyway, thanks for the quick help!

Unfortunately I don’t know - may simply be a driver instability, perhaps wait for the next NVIDIA driver or roll back a version and see if the issue persists.

Sorry, AMD* driver. :smiley:

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