Crashes constantly on launch

I have over 500 hours in vermintide 2. Usually I only have one crash every 12 hours of playing, but right around new years, I started having more crashes, and then I started crashing every time I try to launch the game and it loads into Taal’s Horn Keep.
I followed all the steps on easy anti cheat, I re-installed my graphic driver, I re-installed the game twice but nothing seems to work. Please help

GUID: 9c1fb43c-6495-402c-9159-9a9547f8b3f3
Log File:
Info Type:

Unfortunately your GPU appears to be crashing. When you re-installed your GPU drivers, was it a clean re-installation - as in, did you make sure all previous driver versions were removed also? As sometimes these can interfere.

I’m a bit more lucky - I crash on exit. Always.

Yes. First i tried by manually uninstalling my nvidia gpu driver - that didnt work. Then I tried using DDU to clear all gpu related drivers, uninstalling geforce experience and then re-installing all nvidia drivers again through that.
After doing that, I was able to get into the game, but the screen was extreamly flickery and the graphics were one big mess. I tried to lower all the graphics to “low”, but that crashes the game.
Then I tried running the game with the recommended geforce experience settings, but now it seems that i am back to square one again. Up until this point, i have been running the game on roughly medium settings without issues, and I havnt changed a thing when the crashes started occurring.

here is the new crash log that im getting AFTER trying everything i mentioned in this post:

GUID: 472f4928-d0e8-42d5-81d5-de295de9da60
Log File:
Info Type:

Hmmm in the latest log it appears your GPU has actually disconnected, whereas previously your GPU was hanging.

It’s hard to know what could be the cause of this without having the PC in our hands. Can we confirm none of your components are overheating?

On idle, the temp on my cpu and gpu is about 42 degrees celsius. When launching V2 the CPU rises about 10-15 degrees, and the GPU rises about 3 degrees. I also keep my pc clean, it has solid airflow and the cpu is even watercooled.

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