Game crashes shortly after starting it

My game crashes at startup. Spent a few hours trying to figure out what was going on. Reinstalled game twice. Reinstalled video drivers twice (one of these was a fresh install). Followed all of your recommendations and nothing seemed to take. So I am submitting this.
Thank you for all of your help.

GUID: ce31ad0e-872a-4b40-a263-ab9b2ff0352e

Log File:

Info Type:

[Crash Link]:

console-2022-01-02-00.57.39-cebcf26a-27fb-4a00-8768-496c3576b5c7.log (5.2 KB)

Hi @Kheotour

Based on the information in the logs, it appears your Intel(R) HD Graphics is set as your default GPU, as opposed to your NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 .

This is consequently resulting in your crashes in Vermintide 2, as your default GPU cannot handle the demand.

Please see below for our solutions for this problem:

  1. Right-click the desktop and select the ‘NVIDIA Control Panel’
  2. Navigate to ‘Manage 3D Settings’ > ‘Program Settings’
  3. Locate Steam within the list of programs
  4. Within the ‘Select the preferred graphics processor for this program:’ dropdown, choose the NVIDIA GPU
  5. Then locate Vermintide 2 within the list of programs, and repeat the above step

Please let me know if you have any problems.

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