Game crashes on start - Taal's Horn Keep loading screen

Installed the game, played the tutorial, crashed on Taal’s Horn Keep loading screen with the error message below.

Restarted the game a dozen times and crashes on the same loading screen.

Reinstalled the game from the start and the same crash and error occurs.

Help please!

GUID: c883e9db-76b6-44d1-bc03-f1b3bceef7f5
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: …ult_player_unit/inventory/simple_inventory_extension.lua:1328: attempt to index local ‘slot_data’ (a nil value)

Bought the game today. Same problem.

Did the benchmark, all fine.

Played the tutorial, all fine.

At the end of the tutorial, loading screen, then crashed.

Now I can’t skip the tutorial nor do the tutorial again. Game just crashes.

Error is the same as yours.

Friend of mine also bought the game today, same problem.

me and my friend have the same problem

Yes word for word mate that’s exactly what’s happening to me, and I also bought it today.

Please drop your steam IDs in here and we’ll check it out. Very sorry to hear this, we’ll figure it out and get you in game

my steam name had space in it and i got this error same lua 1328.

i removed the space in my name and this fixed it for me, could be a sql injection error.

Same Problem here

Steam profil

Is this still happening for all of you?

I started the game and it looks like there is no crash at this time

Hola friend,

This my account:

Pleax feex q_q

I’m at work right now so I can’t say if it’s fixed or not yet.

Hey, my steam name is TheBoyWhoLived.

At work so I can’t tell if it’s fixed.


I have changed back to space and it is still working.

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