Game crashing upon accepting items

Once game has loaded in Taal’s Horn Keep, a notification for items received appears. Each time the items are accepted they appear again and these items are doubled. Now when I load into Taal’s Horn Keep I receive even more of the items I’ve already accepted before. The game will now crash when accepting these items due to the volume of them. Several patches have happened this issues appeared and has not been resolved leading to the game being unplayable. I’m currently playing on the PlayStation 5

Hi @Lord_Hanlon,

I’ve responded to your Support Ticket, but I’ll reply here also -

I’m having trouble locating your account in the backend. If you can provide me with your PSN id then I can request for one of our Backend Developers to take a look at this. Thanks!

Hello Lev,
Thank you for the reply my PSN ID is Lord_Hanlon

Thanks @Lord_Hanlon!

I noticed from your support ticket that you stated “Offline”, and I realise this is likely why I was unable to find an account in the backend for you, if you are an Offline only player :slight_smile:

Regardless of this, I’ve passed your report and video evidence on to our Console Development team and they are investigating - I’ll update you when I know anything more.

Apologies for the inconvenience in the mean time.

Thank you Lev! :grin:


We’ve identified the issue and it’s something that can affect players that have only played Offline mode, that also have DLC.

It’s a bug that will require a patch, so please bear with us whilst we get a fix out.

Apologies for the inconvenience in the mean time.


Thank you for identifying the cause, much appreciated! :grinning:

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