Game crashes just before loading into Taals Horn

Issue Description:
Bought the Necromancer while game was updating. At startup after Taals Horn loading screen just before the main menu, the game crashes. I can hear the ambient noise before it shuts down. Never had any mods and running Windows 11.

Crash Report (If Applicable):

GUID: e3c8069a-7232-49f8-a669-58ecb016bf3e
Log File:
Info Type:

Error Displayed (If Applicable):

Steps to Reproduce:
Click on Launch and wait/skip through the intro screens.

Map Name (If Applicable):


Player ID:
✪ Mucki

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
since 18:00 UTC+1, 19.10.23

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:

Upload Console Log:
console-2023-10-19-21.59.40-e1ea4cf3-874f-4ad9-ad45-0782b3ab3cf7.log (88.1 KB)

Upload user_settings.config:
user_settings.config (7.4 KB)

I tried reinstalling the game and setting exceptions for the antivirus, both official and modded realm crash. Stoked to play the new hero!

This is a GPU-related crash. Could you try reinstalling your drivers please?:

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That did it! Thank you so much <3. Props to you and the whole team, you guys are awesome!

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