Game crashes immediatly at startup

GUID: dd308ca9-ebe3-46b3-87d0-de4d40a66d6b
Log File:
Info Type:

Platform: Steam
If there’s any more info/log that I need to provide let me know. I’ve tried disabling mods, create firewall rules, verified the game, deleting shader cache files, clean reinstall Nvidia driver, repaired Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022, but nothing helps.

It looks like there’s something weird happening with Discord. I wouldn’t expect this to be a permanent solution, but for experimental purposes could you try disabling it and re-launching Darktide to see if the issue persists?

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This indeed seems to be a problem with discord, I’ve disabled discord at windows startup and rebooted my system and darktide launched smoothy again. Thanks Julia!

Update: after a bit more testing, it looks like the ‘Discord Rich Presence’ mod was causing this on my end. Specifically the two dependencies ‘discord_game_sdk.dll’ and ‘darktide_discord.dll’ which didn’t get disabled by running ‘toggle_darktide_mods.bat’ (Darktide Mod Loader). By removing these two .dll files I can run both Darktide and Discord. Still, thank you again for the reply Julia!