Game crash with code CE-34878-0 on PS4 slim

When I try to start the game online or offline, I see the error CE-34878-0.

I try to install game to internal and external storages, but see the same error.

I try to use this guide

But it’s not helped too.

Please advice,
Thank you.

UPD: the games works only when I physically disconnect my PS4 from the internet.

But I am from UA region and my IP is not banned

Іs there anyone here?

Same problem from UA region. Wanted to try the game with friends but couldn’t even go past the main menu.

Hi both,

This is a known issue that we’re currently investigating.

You can view known issues here:

Our humblest apologies for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this issue.

Ok, thank you.

Maybe any ideas when this issue will be resolved?

Because how I can see, according to the created tickets for this issue, the first entry is Jun and this is about 3 months spent for now to resolve this.

Thank you

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