PS4 game crash


So, when I try to run V2 from the Ukrainian account - the game crashes after selecting “online” (error: CE-34878-0). But if I start the game from Turkish account, it works just fine. My friends from Ukraine have the same problem.
Do you have any solution at the moment?

Thanks in advance!

On ps4 you are not able to join players games through lobby browser and people can most of the time not join your hosted game thanks for taking your time to read this hopefully it gets resolved it is a very fun game just more fun with co-op.

We are aware of and actively looking in to this but having some problems identifying why this is happening. :frowning:

When you crash, are you prompted to enter any information? If you could please enter Forthedevs38130 we may be able to look up the crash in Sony’s crash reporter. Thank you!

I inserted Forthedevs38130 into Sony’s report message.
Is there anything else I can do?

That’s perfect. Thank you so much - I’ve let our Console Producer know.

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