Game Crash during intro

Hey all.

I recently got my rig back from my licensed computer guy. Did a wipe of everything old on computer, fresh install of latest Windows and drivers, stress test for component health, and an updated RTX 2070 GeForce video card.

First thing Installed was Steam. then installed Vermintide 2, and halfway thru the controllable tutorial scene with Kruber, game crashed. Computer is fresh, but I’v had this problem with the game before I sent it away, which was random crashing. Seems like something is going on. Here’s the log, but could this be program conflict, hardware malfunction?

GUID: ae23a168-b3ff-46b1-901a-79ab4ec22707
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/entity_system/systems/ai/ai_navigation_system.lua:559: attempt to index a number value

During next game session, after 5 minutes in keep.

GUID: 08803906-c852-49aa-92bf-55f71f1a65b4
Log File:
Info Type:

The initial crash is an issue on our end, although you appear to be the only person to have ever experienced it so you’ve been particularly unlucky here. I’ve raised it with development nonetheless.

As for the second crash, unfortunately it’s not entirely clear as to what could be causing this. It would be helpful if you could continue to send us crash reports.

Hey Julia.

Thanks for being so helpful these last couple of threads.

As it turns out, one of my 8 Gig ram has gone bad, which is a somewhat rare occurrence apparently. If we hadn’t of done a clean install and wipe, and new graphics card last week, it would have been harder to identify.

This is probably the same problem I had back in March in my previous posts. Hopefully this is the fix to the issue.

Thanks again!

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