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Sup, here is my question. Is there anything like EVER in plans, beyond our fight with Rotbloods and rats? Cause, my dudes, you have no idea how hyped I was, when it was Vermintide 1 and you announsed Drachenfels for the first time. And then very sad, that there were no undeads around. And then hyped again, when it was known, that we will fight more then rats in the second game. The addition of beastmen almost felt like heaven after that. So, my point is, do you, people, realize, that the game could live forever, if from time to time we get just a little of something new to complitelly obliterate? =D I’m not even talking about new maps right now (but I have a cool idea about that), I would galdly throw more money for just more evemy variety DLC. Since Drachenfels 1 I dream about smashing undead,with addition of Rotbloods all my thought revolved around “damn, why only Nurgle”, and after beastmen I can’t stop thinking “that would be so cool to fight greenskins”(btw, they have goblins, who could have worked just like skaven slaves/clans, and regular orc boys - like regular rotblood raiders).

Talking about the maps, I complitelly get it, it’s a lot of work to make them streamlined, paced the right way, interesting, and all of that. Takes time, and you have other stuff to work about. And tho it will be amaizing to see more maps from you, people, cause it would have more detail, like U5 talking to each other, here is the work around solution idea: map editor for players. Like it was with Skyrim, the addition of this feature made it popular as hell, cause modders could do anything with the game. Forever. And for mr. Howard “forever” in the end ment “hmmmm, I can sell Skyrim 10 times with no significant work” xddd. With map editor people will have similar thing, or, in any other case, someone talented would make a map or two periodically, which means more content.

Also. HATS. Dudes, just 1 hat for 1 career in 1-2 months. Even that will make people to go back to the game from time to time. That is how good your original product is.

I’m very sorry, if this wall of paper sounds a bit “you don’t know what you are doing” and stuff. I’m just in love with this game and already very-very sad, cause there is nothing major happening, except new careers. Vermintide 2 is literally The Best WHFB game I’ve ever played, better then WH Online, better then even WH Total War (well, at least, for me), it would be tragic, if someday it would just die out. And I fear, this someday is quite close, due to Darktide(

Anyways, thanks for the amazing game, thanks for this opportunity to say stuff outloud, I’m out.


Considering the backlash FS got for Beastmen appearing on “old” maps because “it makes no sense”, it is hard to see simply adding a new enemy DLC. And I would assume that GW sees this similar. With that in mind, new enemies would most likely also need new maps alongside them. And to make this worthwhile we would be talking about something like about six new maps at the same time. Because creating a new enemy faction for just three maps feels wasted and probably not worth the effort from developers side. There might be an exception for the Chaos Wastes although they are primarly inhabitated by Beastmen and demons usually don’t appear in the region we are running around. At least not in large numbers so it would boil down to some like specific encounters.

As far as I am aware there are licensing issues with the engine which more or less prohibit the usage of a map editor by people outside of FS. They simply aren’t allowed to provide this tool (FS correct me on this if I remember wrong!).

And this is before we go into other issues with player created maps. Like they would have to be within lore and original content to be allowed to be played on official realm. And looking at maps from games like Left4Dead 2, it is also a fair assumption that 90 % of the maps released would be copy&paste from other games or just outright bad. And then there is also the issue with the engine not being well documented and not many assets being available. Most map makers, even those who make excellent work are just map makers and not creating new assets. Which would run the risk of maps feeling similar to what we already have. And we would have to use the same dialogues which would be only a lesser issue though. So, there are a lot of issues with that starting with licensing rights.

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“Makes no sense” thingy is just redicilous, WHY would you say that? Adding more in a game like this is genius. Every time I have beastmen on the map I love it. People should have been greatful for that. But. That does not mean they would not be this time. That is first. Second - bruh, what can I say, we are short on maps anyway, a couple of new ones would be Amazing with capital A. And with new enemies? Aaah, hell yeah.

Also, the old game. Yeah, when I see “Back to Ubersreik” I think “Heyyyy, that’s pretty good”, but man, I wish for another The Wizards Tower run. Or any other, really.

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As much as I agree on the sentiment of that having beastmen on older maps isn’t a problem (Though i will admit i have different problem with them, mostly that they lack enough units)

That I’m fully against, the Greenskins are not a good fit for a Vermintide game, at least in Warhammer Fantasy while AoS and 40k would be perfect fit with their additions (And allies for AoS)

The difference being, The Elder Scroll is a in house universe, Betesda can do whatever it want with her own IP, but Vermintide is set in Warhammer Fantasy owned by GW, who are very draconian on their IP management, giving a too broad modding tool could eventually bite back FS and cause them to be on the wrong end of a lawsuit

Well we don’t know even half of GW’s deals so we can’t statute on it, and I wouldn’t bury VT2 just yet

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i never read anything about realism and sense when it came to beastmen, they recieved hate because they were unfun to play against, archers slowing you just like melee hits with accuracy even chad huntsman can dream of, banner gors spawns alongside huge waves and bosses, lighning fast headbuts in super dense hordes, ahh the memories

edit: also they are kinda boring visually, people rahter liked something more distinct with more personality


Avarage situation for even a Champ game with all the old stuff. I don’t see how are they unfun. Half of the people find fun in the endless slaughter, half - in hardcore overcoming of seamingly unbeatable horde, 7 HWs, gunrat, flamethrower and a Spawn at the same time. Also, I’m perfectly okay with design, would be cooler to see more of variety. ALSO, do not agree that they do not have a personality, I find that WH as a universe use animal-like or partially animal creatures in much more interesting way, then all the others, soooo, your take, just like my reply - just subjective. xdddd

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But… Why?.. Greenskins live in the mountains all around the Old World, that is not rare, that they come down to raid. I do not see them as new enemies on old maps, or, better to say, in the perspective of the campaign, it is not really possible for skaven, orks and a norskan tribe to talk it out, but a new map or a couple with orks or a special mode with orks instead of Packtsworn, where it would seem fitting (like “Agains the Grain”, or “Athel Yenlui” with minimal edits, like banners) - damn, it would be cool. And, going back to my original post, don’t tell me you weren’t upset, when there were no undead in Drachenfels at all, I would not belive it.

Also, enemies in different “camps” - perfect opportunity for sceenery. We could have gotten to see something like a battle between orks and norskans or something like that.


It wasn’t really about Realism (Because It’s not unloreful for Beastmen to be part of a bigger alliance) but more about feeled timelines, with the Beastmen’s influence starting in Dark Omen (Map where the Beastmen where introduced) and should appear only in subsequent maps, I don’t really care because we don’t know the real timeline, for all we know Dark Omen could have been one of the first missions

Separating the player base is the death of a game, if they want to introduce a new faction, they should introduce sub-factions that can and would mesh well with the already present forces

Be it Skaven reinforcement (YES Please) or Chaos Marauder of the other Gods to even Marked Beastmens and the less likely Chaos Ogre and Chaos Dwarfs (That I want for a Dreadfleet themed game) , all those are more acceptable inclusions than a force that would be essentially a 3rd faction (1st: U5+Helpers; 2nd: Skaven+Rotblood+Beastmen Pact)

For example (if you want to have something more different from the Skaven and the Chaos, you could have the Undead (Major Spoiler for the ET)

During the ET, Drachenfels appeared as a Shade/Ghost or Spirit, that spirit was weaker and named Nameless (Ring a bell ?) It tried to recollect his lost memories and thus accepted to help Nagash, but after a while it betrayed Nagash, possessed a WP of Sigmar (No, not ours) put a deamon of Nurgle in the body of Isabella Von Carstein (Peace be given to the Von Drak and Sylvania)

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well first of all that isnt really my take, its just the stuff i read when they came out, however i do support the take that there were better options with more personality, i mean they are animalistic like the rats we already had, exept that they dont have fun dialog, just grunts and roars, and in terms on how they play out they are also a horde type enemy that runs in, sure we got archers and gors with their charge but but in essence they are very similar, i mean undead were the most obvious choice they could have had formations fliers and spellstuff.

Okay, agreed on that, but then, why not have them for Weave runs? Weave is sertanly something that contains images of not only skaven and rotblood tribe. If we have them in the game, they can be used for special events also. Wouldn’t it be fun to have an event with all the old maps, but filled with orks just cause? Keeping consistancy is important, but also fun is. And variety and different stuff to do or kill, or move from A to B, or any other game objective is fun.

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Because the Weave aren’t played by a lot of people, and forcing people to play the weaves would be hard pressed compared to making content that can work in all the maps (Creating content that can fit 100% of the game instead of 30%)

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Yeah I can hear Games Workshop’s boycotting “REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” from here.