Function of accessories Variety

So, I didnt play vermintide 1, but I wander, what is the purpoise of the variety of necklace/charm/etc ?
Do “Fetish of Morr” has less chance to get some attributes from “Hedge Wizard’s Amulet” for example ? I fell it has some different chances based on the variety ???

Well, porpoises are mammals that live in rivers.

As for the rest of your questions, no. It doesn’t effect anything.

They’re cosmetic icons to help you “code” your loadouts for variety. For instance I specifically created Curse Resist and Crit Chance on my Red Lucky Rat Skull, so at first glance I know what attributes a specific trinket does. My Red Dwarf medal has Stamina regen, and the scroll has cool down reduce.


Lol ! Sorry for the mistype, english is not my native.
About the question, why the hell they add different imgs and chances for those then ? Like, some are more rare then others, and the craft one also is unique…

I see, I wander if there is more to it. I am trying to get the 2 stamin + health neckless, but I already run like 100 times and didnt get it. I have an blue “Hedge Wizard’s Amulet” with it thought, I wander if its possible to get this run easier if I get an red hedge wizard one…

Any item not Orange or Red, melt it. Don’t put resources into Blue items.

As others said, the specific piece (that is, with a specific appearance and name) doesn’t affect your chances for getting specific Properties or Traits. It’s all unregulated RNG - which is specifically the reason why you’re having a hard time getting the combination of Properties you want. The chances of getting a particular combination (let alone at decent percentages) are rather small, and an unlucky streak makes them feel even smaller. Just keep rolling.

Although, as @Para-Medic said, it probably isn’t useful to put significant resources to non-Veteran (red) items. You’ll lose a lot of material and time, and gain a lot of frustration, trying to get a good orange.

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Well, I dont know, I was able to get this combination after 5 runs in another particular neckeless type, that I knew my friend got it, I think it was the Warrior Priest’s Amulet, (I can confirm if someone is interested) so…
I dont know, it maybe luck, but as I am seeing in my tries, getting the right type do increases your chances to get some particular combination :

Fetish of Morr : I tried 100+ times, no luck to get +2 stamina +20 health.
Warrior Priest’s Amulet : I got the +2 stamina + 20 health at the 5x attempt.

I will try to get it again if I get an red Hedge Wizard’s Amulet or another Warrior Priest…

I dunno, I’ve got 7 necklaces I used, never had an issue getting 2 Stam and 20% HP. Had it on all of them with different traits, I think 2 of them are 20% HP now and 30% block cost for the cheesy Sienna builds.
Here’s 2 warrior priest ones with it and there’s a Hedge Wizards neck there with the same properties as well.


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