3 mace, 3 firestorm reds

for the love of god i open 20 valuts and all i got is 3 mace and 3 firestorm SAME red ilusion!
can u plis change this drop!
why is this in game? why can we get 3 mace but 3 different ilusion and when u get all ilusion u dont get that type of weapon or ilusion anymore… SIMPLE!!! …make it happends
same for charm-trinkets… like if u get 1 sun charm u will not get the same. or trinker if u get ear u will not get SAME one… jesus.
remember when u implement 2nd traits for reds on VT1? what did u do after 5-7 days?
u remove them from RNG drops bc was imposible to get DLC weapons.
and u give us the power to reroll.
can we get that on VT2 like reroll ilussion?
O.M.G im so

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