@FS Update on Week Two Pre-Order Beta

WEEK TWO (November 21 - 27)

  • Up to 8 changing missions across 4 zones

  • In-Game Events, other surprise additions we do not want to spoil right now

Hi, i want to kindly ask when these additions are about to drop?
Is the more of a “In between”-Timeframe or a “this will be available in this Timeframe”-Timeframe week two?

I noticed that we only got Two Zones unlocked this Weekend (ChasmTerminus and The Torrent) but we had the Dust Zone at Friday before the Hotfix. Where did it go? I could not find any announcement for that. Will we get it back today?

Any Infos on Weapon modding / crafting?

Thanks in advance and best wishes!

For people stumbling upon this looking for awnsers. They have a Twitter account where they crypticly inform us about the progress of the game here:

It seems they could not get it running yesterday and we maybe getting it today.

@FS would be cool to put this kind of Communication onto your own forums. Even as a bot post to mirror the updates.

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Was something bugged with the dust zone? I really enjoyed the missions there so would love to have it back as soon as haha.

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Been waiting the whole day, nothing so far. There goes the release schedule.

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There is a message on their twitter saying that the patch is late but coming. No info on whats actually in it, or when it will drop.

And Now it says tomorrow

It’s delayed. They just posted in the discord. It’ll be tomorrow morning EU time.

For a game that is about to release in 9 days to have this level of crunch and such obvious problems is not a good sign tbh. This may be worse than the Winds of Magic release in terms of bugs and issues.

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I feared this is the whole stick of the game. They are not finished, they cut content and they still wont make it to release without casualties. This is madness. There is some serious Heresy going on!

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Blame the corporate overloads. Tencent in this case…


Oh please, this has been FS’s MO since before Tencent owned them. You can ask literally any of the old vets here and they’ll say the same.

TBC I’m not personally fussed or worried about this patch being a day late, just had to object to the idea that FS’s schedule issues have anything to do with Tencent when basically their entire history says otherwise.

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I’ve been around since the start of VT1. And I know FS has a rough track record. I don’t recall the VT2 launch being nearly this bad. It feels like DARKTIDE is a double whammy of both more technical problems (performance issues) AND less content (number of careers, etc). It feels rushed even by fatshark standards.

Then of course there’s all the design decisions that are seemingly playing into the monetization scheme for this game. The whole thing feels like more of a money grab than ever before.

That said, I’m enjoying the game despite its flaws. But I don’t think the corporate overlords are helping to mitigate fatshark’s tendencies. They are probably amplifying them.

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Both VT1 and VT2 was this bad. trust me, i greatly remember how much of a gak show it was.
The one thing though that despite fatshark making some very very poor choices, has always done and i cant not take this away from them, they always end up fixing it.

VT1 and 2 were rough when they came out, but over time they got fixed, they ran better, then became great. They were very responsive to the community, they were very quick to resolve issues, or make corrections of clearly broken things during those opening months and year.

So while im not defenidng any subpar content being put out, i at least have faith that they will correct them down the road, and they have a good track record of doing that at least.

THAT SAID, there are a LOT of mechanics of DT that are just flat out not good mechiancs as they are currently being shown, i cant not pass full judgement on the loot system for example until i see crafting. But the loot system as an example, was a case of FS reinventing the wheel here. No one, or rather no large marginal group, had any issues with the VT2 loot system of finish a map, get a loot box. Possible the issue of failing and getting nothing but you know. Why they decided to do this brand new loot system that is very janky i do not not.

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edit: Seriously though. They had massive network issues in part due to having more players than they expected. They also published their infamous roadmap that lasted a month or so before they backtracked. After that they stayed silent for 2+ years in order to not overpromise again.

I think time may given the VT2 launch a rose tint it doesn’t deserve. Darktide is way smoother so far. Network issues are understandable (to me) and the main reasons they are getting critique is due to reusing a really flawed levelling mechanic from VT2 (along with some other grind) and to a lesser extent for overpromising on RPG elements.

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VT2 had it’s share of issues - yes. I guess I don’t remember the performance issues being quite as a bad as they are in Darktide (and I say this as someone who is NOT experiencing anything unexpected performance wise given my ancient AF hardware). I had forgotten about all the network issues and disconnect problems in VT2s earlier days.

All said, VT2 definitely took a loooong time to sort out needed quality of life & UI improvements, and of course the balancing is a on-going / never-ending golden goose hunt. Seems like DT has just as far to go in that regard.

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