FS, please let us play "Assualt" Condition!

A new solo mode mod is out, and one of the neat things about it is you can select from several conditions that are hidden in the game at the moment.

One of them is Assault, which was being worked on months ago and I hope can come to the main game.

It is described as “More ammo, less healing, more enemies. Prepare to run”

It isn’t kidding either, I faced non-stop hordes, a ton of elites and specials constantly spawning in every direction. Lots of your player base is interested in harder difficulty or conditions to please consider including Assault on your next update.

Purely to demonstrate what the condition may look like if/when it goes live here’s some gameplay. Obviously FS doesn’t feel like it is ready to go live, so keep in mind that much of it could change.


they probably been working on that mode, and you just leaked it


Don’t quote me on this, but I think Assault mode was in the code when the game came out and was just not implemented for some reason.


“Prepare to run”

Never passed the start zone :+1:

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Not really leaking it, FS posted that it was coming in the patch that they introduced the hounds condition.

They eventually removed that - so it is quite possible they don’t like it in it’s current state. I am hoping they bring it back.


More looks like it was replaced with “Shock Troops” instead, with very similar unit “spam-spawns” (just not as harsh).


Oh yeah! I forgot about that.

Which sucks, because that’s currently Fatshark’s entire strategy.

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Well both still exist and are their own separate thing, but I agree. They probably feel Hi-Intensity Shock-Troop Gauntlet is too close to Assault.

There is also another conidition called Flash (it’s the Flash missions related to one of the currently un-unlockable penances). It seems to combined or randomize many of the other conditions.

Either way, I’m sure in time this will be released.

Fatshark seems to have something against the players that enjoy difficulty. Their current policy is to make the game full of the easiest maps they can come up with (low int, darkness, power out) they all suck and make the game very boring.

We don’t know that. It could be a game mode which was scraped before the release. Also if they don’t want something leaked, don’t put new code into publicly available builds…

Are the relics supposed to be the cash shop grindable currency ? KEKW

It was announced months ago but quietly removed from the comm-links at the time.

They announced it themselves along with 2 or 3 other modes, of which 2 had already been in the game.
Then as usual they did nothing and hoped that people would forget.

So as usual. F FS

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If they don’t feel it’s in the right place yet, let them experiment. I don’t see the issue.

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