Really thought we wouldn't notice assault mode?

If I missed word on it then so be it, but did they really think we WOULDN’T notice them magically removing a promised condition from everything mentioning it? Right as it releases as well.

Oh well, cant deny it anyways since other websites that made articles about the update still talk about assault mode lmao


What is / was assault mode?

Yesterday they said it would be in today’s update, and it was stealthily removed with no mention in the patch notes.

More bullets, less health.

More bullets sounds like somewhere the ammo-devouring weapons could be fun in. Too bad you get more dogs instead.

I mean, I’m not complaining. That sounds like a mode that only matters on the top two difficulties and would mostly just make them tedious.

point being they, instead of acknowledging that they couldnt get the mode out, tried to sneakily remove everything mentioning it with no word to the community on it, hoping to god we forget it.

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Yeah there isn’t even really any excuse for not being able to re roll both or just make a weapon at this point. This is even more RNG with the rest of VT2’s RNG, so just give us the rest and be done with it.

You mean fatshark promises stuff and yanks it out without saying a word to their player base?

that is so surprising. never thought they could do that. SARCASM.

its the story of darktide. then a year or 2 from now, theyll be proud of the game instead of having released it in early access as it should have been.