Frequent crashes to desktop

My computer has started crashing Vermintide 2 to desktop, this started around Engineer update and I thought it was one those bugs, but it has been persisting even with those newer patches. Crash interval is anything from few minutes to an hour. Usually it crashes to desktop without the “send report” pop-up etc.

I have installed more memory around the time it started crashing, so it might be that I need to lower memory settings. However I have tried running 3DMark and Memtest64 all night, everything is still properly running. I have not seen any crashes in other games, but my recent games have been pretty light on hw requirements.

I have tried some suggested fixes like verify game files, re-install nvidia drivers, delete config file etc.
As I don’t get any errors elsewhere, can Fatshark questimate the rootcause with these log files?

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crash_dump-2020-12-29-19.36.06-c7db6faf-aa75-42db-b92e-8e307408041f.dmp (744.5 KB) crash_dump-2020-12-29-19.43.57-1a3f9fc2-4704-43e3-85e2-3c66503be446.dmp (673.1 KB) crash_dump-2020-12-30-18.45.07-e995e3c6-0514-4118-ab0b-6e424cd66c2a.dmp (722.2 KB) crash_dump-2020-12-30-19.31.49-1a31cd2e-dc50-4498-bae8-66498a78d6d8.dmp (849.7 KB) console-2020-12-29-19.36.06-c7db6faf-aa75-42db-b92e-8e307408041f.log (409.8 KB) console-2020-12-29-19.43.57-1a3f9fc2-4704-43e3-85e2-3c66503be446.log (527.6 KB) console-2020-12-29-20.07.30-aee3fa6a-a7a8-4fcd-a4ec-16050c0f49e6.log (840.1 KB) console-2020-12-30-18.45.07-e995e3c6-0514-4118-ab0b-6e424cd66c2a.log (1.4 MB) console-2020-12-30-19.31.49-1a31cd2e-dc50-4498-bae8-66498a78d6d8.log (307.6 KB)

There’s no consistency in the crash data unfortunately. Tell me more about your new RAM - how many sticks do you have in there, and are they all matching?

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