Free video editing software?

I’m looking for something to edit gameplay videos of V2, but everything is a free trial or looks like a malware site. Any suggestions?

Wasn’t Windows MovieMaker free before? :fearful:

I generally search google for “video editing software” or “top video editing programs”. Typically a reliable enough source will give a list of stuff(for anything really) and you can see what fits what you want. This was one of the first things that came up for me in google:


Thanks… A few times I’ve downloaded software from Google recommended and they try to push other software on you too.

An issue you’ll probably run across with free software is that they lock a number of their functions/features unless you buy the “full version”. If you’re wary of stuff trying to install bloatware while you install a program, just choose custom installation and/or look to make sure they aren’t tacking on something else in the installation.

The first choice they mention:
Looks promising. It’s also open-source which typically only non-profit creators will do for their programs(although there is a donation tab on the website, which is pretty common for this kind of stuff too).

I might mess with it in a bit and let you know how it goes, if that brings any added comfort.
Update: I’m not sure what really separates a good editor from an amazing one(as I don’t really do video editing), but it seems good for a free program.

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I use Lightworks for quite a moment now, the only real limit of the free version is that you’re locked to 720p max (so no 1080p).
It’s not a big problem for me since when I record my gameplay, I’m at 720p so it won’t too big/won’t lag too much, but if you do care about HD, then it’s not for ya

Otherwise it’s a bit weird at the beginning, but they provide a lot of tutorial video which are really nice.

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I’d with Ubuntu Studio in a VM. Good enough tools are bundled.

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LPT. Never search free. Always try searching open source instead. Results are often way cleaner. :nurgle:


And sometimes have more bug ^^ I can’t count how many times OpenShot crashed (way too much to actually finish a video tbh)

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I’m trying OpenShot and I’m just exporting the first video. Lets see how it turns out. :rat:

Was only after something to chop the start and end off the recording time. For now anyway.

Turned out pretty low quality. I haven’t changed any of my recording settings either, so that probably didn’t help. Will try to make next ones a bit cleaner.

OpenShot is buggy as hell x’)

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In what way?

I don’t really remember, but I had a really hard time to finish a video with it.
For simple editing like the video above it’s ok, but whenever you try to add some effect (like an picture on a corner) or any other stuff, I had quite a lot of bugs.
From sound being really low quality or even cut at some part, to video freezing for 2sec a some random point, and the most common was the OpenShot crash when I apply an effect.
Maybe I had a bugged version (there is a lot of version on Opensource soft afterall), but I just couldn’t use it x’)

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