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I think I found out something interesting regarding performance issues specifically for AMD graphics cards. As soon as I installed Linux Mint with kernel 6.5 and the Mesa driver 23.2.1, the game runs without problems… zero stuttering. the same applies to Windows: everything after the driver 23.11.1 leads to stuttering. Even with large hordes I don’t have any drops to 30 fps like with Windows. Its stable @60 FPS all of the time with my rx 7700 xt and i7 11700F

So is it either a driver problem or some other problem? do you know more about Fatshark?

Last time a community manager told me that Linux is not officially supported but it runs perfectly with Mesa 23.2.1 driver. so something is wrong…

I think that your developers should bring a big performance update.

For example, if I upgrade to Mesa 24.0.1 the game runs very, very badly

I also have significantly more fps when I play on my Linux OS.

Most people have already said that after the last updates they have significantly lower fps than before on windows OS

so is it a driver problem or something else?

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Yes, and I’ve tried disabling them

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Constant (100%)

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Steam (PC)

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can you see if it matters if you run with or without ray tracing?

for generic perf issues it would be hard to track without actually profiling, we are also adding support to see stalls in logs. We have it now, but we just pushed a bugfix so we can actually see stalls on main thread which is probably the thread we want to look at.

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im running with rt and am already missing about 40fps in the morning star. idk what happened but when i booted the game last week i didnt have this. whatever you changed in that 8mb hotfix affected my performance. ingame its lower too and frame pacing is rough

edit: my bad i was opted into exp branch, on stable its all normal