FPS drops during fights to 42 no matter of visual settings

My PC spec:
i9900k 4.5ghz
16gb ram 2600 mhz
gtx 1070
Windows 10 fresh installed most recent updates
Most recent gpu driver

Regulary on mission fps is above 60. Up to 90 on empty locations.

When fights start, when i see many enemies on screen at once, fps is good. But when some explosion or power sword hits many models at once the FPS drops to magic mumber 42.
No matter of visual settings, all lowest or all medium or some high.

While my system is not even hot, GPU works 80-95% maximum and goes below 70 degrees
CPU load is below 30% total, not higher than 60% usually on most loaded thread.

Why that?

Your ram is too slow. You want 3000-4000 MHz DDR4 for gaming.

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Doubt this is mandatory. There is some performance lose, but not THAT crucial.

Have you tried reducing the maximum rag dolls in settings?

yes. Real slowliness starts form around 30. Between 3-15 no big impact on fps. Yes, becomes slower, but it is anyway slow

Probably a CPU bottleneck. The tide games are super demanding on CPU side, especially during hordes on higher difficulties

I went from an 1800x to a 3600 to a 12600k (Oced to 5Ghz) and the performance increase was always astounding. Still have dips here and there during high intensity horde fights.

How it can be CPU bottleneck, If i have CPU load 30%? It s freaking 8 cores 16 threads 4.6 ghz all cores, intell processor, that is also impossible for coooling on air.

And I repeat, it happens on any possible settings in game. On lowest possible ragdolls including. And it changes not with increasing of ragdolls

Because games in general don’t parallelize well. DT does parallelize better than a lot of games, but still it doesn’t parallelize well. Single core performance matters more than performance per core multiplied by the number of cores. A few of your cores are loaded well, and the rest have no work to do.

The 9900k supposed to turbo to 5 GHz, sounds like you’ve configured it wrong.

Memory speeds can matter. On my old system, 8700k, I went from ddr4 2400 to ddr4 3600 and I did see a very noticeable 20ish% boost in performance in the game I was playing at the time (Ark) I did not test with DT, it wasn’t out yet.

5ghz is for 2 cores. Multicoore speed limited, because of heat and power consumption.
And since even when works only browser in windows, it uses 3-5 coes, so it never runs on that 5ghz.
So I undervolted and made all cores no matter of amount used to work same speed.

old cpu + slow ram + old gpu, what do you expect?

you can run the i9-9900k at 5 ghz all cores btw

your ram is weighing you down, 3200mhz cl15 minimum for gaming imho, 3600mhz cl14-16 is the sweet spot, you don’t see much gains onward.

I’m using the same cpu @5100mhz all cores with 4200mhz cl17 ram and an rx 6800xt@ 1440p, I never see below 65fps, my average is 90.

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@Grave, If this cpu was produced before you born, i’m sorry.

okay, thank you for reply
Still this is very strange, since I have vermintide, and there on any hordes i have no fps drops at all, CPU just loads more and shows same picture, with phycics, gibbing, bodies, etc

update your sh*t hardware or stop complaining